School Districts
Since 2004, we have provided financial services to districts of 120 students to 80,000 students. From closing the books, building the budget, planning for facilities and growth, negotiating contracts, reviewing charter school petitions, providing charter oversight duties, training staff and presenting to the school board, we have been available to dozens of districts when they needed us.
Community College Districts
The firm has assisted community college districts by filling interim Vice President and Director positions, working on complicated redevelopment analyses, preparing cash flow projections, closing the books and preparing GASB 35 closing entries, and working with the management team in leading a college district out of sanctions and to fiscal health.
County Offices of Education
Ryland School Business Consulting has filled interim positions in districts at the request of county offices of education, has provided complex financial analyses of debt policies and practices, has served as fiscal expert and fiscal advisor to districts in distress, has served as the interim chief business official for county offices of education, and has provided training to districts and COE staff.
Law Firms
We have been engaged by law firms to provide training, research and investigations in various school business and finance disciplines, including redevelopment, charter school finance, fraud examinations, and understanding financial statement disclosures.
Other Agencies
From a local fire district to a large Regional Occupational Program JPA, Ryland School Business Consulting has been available to provide interim chief financial roles, in the process building budgets, closing the books, making board presentations, and assisting with the hiring and training of the eventual full-time business officer.
"Terri and her team at Ryland School Business Consulting consistently deliver high caliber financial advice to school and college districts. Our firm relies on Terri for her vast knowledge and expertise as well as her ability to quickly deliver exactly what is needed given a wide variety of situations. Terri is able to navigate through difficult situations and provide clear advice to her clients to move them in the right direction. Her technical knowledge is second to none!"
Cathy Dominico
Managing Partner, Capitol PFG