AB1200 Fiscal Advisor services and fiscal health analyses on behalf of county offices of education.

  • We have been assigned as Fiscal Expert and Fiscal Advisor, depending on extent of fiscal distress of district. Working alongside the superintendent, cabinet and the board, we have assured fiscal solvency and avoided state takeover through a combination of budget cuts, negotiated agreements, and staffing changes.
  • In the process, we have worked with the legislature, CDE, FCMAT and the County Office of Education until the district was no longer in danger of needing a state loan.

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"Terri and her firm have always delivered as promised. Whether providing training to the districts in the county, filling an interim role or assisting a district with a financial project, I know that the job will be completed quickly, completely and professionally. I know I can give her a call and stop worrying."
Tamara Sanchez
Sacramento COE