Ryland SBC has worked for numerous school districts and charter schools through the petition process, in developing budgets, and providing fiscal oversight.

  • Performed charter school petition evaluation, fiscal viability analysis, and charter fiscal oversight on behalf of authorizing agency.
  • We have developed review and oversight checklists, analyzed MOUs for fee maximization, and worked with charter schools to assure renewal.
  • Performed a forensic audit of a financially struggling charter school to determine extent of potential conflict of interest and/or fiscal mismanagement.
  • Assisted a small, rural school district with findings of fact denying one charter school petition that did not meet state requirements, then two years later, worked with the same district and a new charter school petition to collaboratively approve a high-achieving, successful charter school that now has a multi-county waiting list.

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"While working for the District, Cyndy's technical and leadership expertise was immediately apparent. She was able to repair and mend the District's broken financial systems and lead/support district staff. She was quick to learn and navigate the District's highest priority goals, all the while recommending changes to assist the District in becoming fiscally solvent."
Marcus Wirowek
Riverbank USD