Ryland SBC has worked for numerous school districts and charter schools through the petition process, in developing budgets, and providing fiscal oversight.

  • Performed charter school petition evaluation, fiscal viability analysis, and charter fiscal oversight on behalf of authorizing agency.
  • We have developed review and oversight checklists, analyzed MOUs for fee maximization, and worked with charter schools to assure renewal.
  • Performed a forensic audit of a financially struggling charter school to determine extent of potential conflict of interest and/or fiscal mismanagement.
  • Assisted a small, rural school district with findings of fact denying one charter school petition that did not meet state requirements, then two years later, worked with the same district and a new charter school petition to collaboratively approve a high-achieving, successful charter school that now has a multi-county waiting list.

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"Terri Ryland brings a wealth of experience and a depth of knowledge to her work in school finance. During the time she worked for the Robla School District, she became an important part of our management team. She worked very well with our business office staff, and ensured that all reports were completed in a timely manner. This was particularly important to us, as we were in the midst of a critical transition period. Terri didn't just keep our business office functioning; she made important contributions to our planning and our long-term goals. She is insightful and understands how finance and program must work together."
Ruben Reyes
Robla School District