We assist districts during transition periods, covering the primary duties of the CBO, director and other staff positions, making sure all deadlines around budgeting and accounting are met, and assisting with other business office training, staffing and projects.

  • We have served in a short-term capacity in school districts, county offices of education, community college districts, a JPA, a fire district and charter schools.
  • During our periods of support, we
    • build the budget
    • close the books
    • complete interim reports
    • attend cabinet meetings
    • make board presentations
    • prepare financial analyses and cash flow projections
    • assist with the hiring of a permanent leader
    • meet all deadlines as appropriate
  • We bring years of diverse experiences to each engagement, allowing for effective training of staff and school boards, as we explain complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand manner.

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"Please extend my personal appreciation to Terri. Her presentation was thorough and she explained everything in a way that I can understand. My dad is a retired accounting professional, who worked with school districts and city governments. I have so much respect for people who not only tolerate, but are excited by, accounting. What a blessing they exist!"
Ei Ei Khin
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center