Extensive experience in developing and monitoring the budget, chairing budget committees, year-end closing of the books, including GASB 34 entries and financial statement preparation.

  • We have worked with school districts and community colleges on complicated redevelopment analyses, facilities funding solutions, and facilities master planning.
  • Our technical accounting and financial expertise has allowed us to serve as experts and provide training to attorneys and school boards on topics including redevelopment, charter school finances, financial statement understanding and negotiations implications.
  • We have a working knowledge in the primary school district financial operating systems, running reports and conducting analyses from the first day on the job.
  • We have come in to work alongside staff to assist with building the budget, closing the books, preparing or reviewing cash flow and multi-year projections.
  • We will review critical internal controls, procedures, board policies and documentation, making recommendations for improvement in order to safeguard assets.
  • We provide experience in combing through and recreating records resulting in additional revenue and improved accountability.
  • We bring years of diverse experiences to each engagement, allowing for effective training of staff and school boards, as we explain complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • We have prepared cash flow projections in anticipation of TRANs and for facilities financing purposes.
  • We conducted Basic Aid research and analysis resulting in new Basic Aid status for several districts during tenure.
  • Ryland SBC will frequently assist with the development of financial strategies and analysis related to growth or decline, including preparing the enrollment projections and identifying sources of funding for facilities improvements, such as developer fees, state funding or passing a local bond measure.

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"Terri, you are a breath of fresh air! I'm sure you have heard that your ability to communicate in a friendly, positive fashion puts others at ease with complicated school finance matters. It is a great skill and one of the reasons you come so highly recommended."
Trisha Dellis
Superintendent, Nevada City School District